Pickler, Pebbles, Pillows and Priestley


第 1 季 第 1 集 2018年02月18日

7.3 (179)

Kevin Hart makes Joel go to work, Pickler & Ben (2017) "pickler-and-ben" their guest, Joel tours the Netflix studio, plugs his Community (2009) friends, gets lost in Stranger Things (2016)'s Upside Down, explains what 'kunt' means in Afrikaans, wonders why so many characters on South Korean TV shows are hit by cars and bikes, feels for the emotional support hamster named Pebbles, inadvertently starts a feud with Today (1952)'s 'Donnadorable' and comments on Jehovah's Witnesses' policy on pillow masturbation. Also, the show's executive producer Paul Feig gives a hand to a suicidal audience member, and Jason Priestley can't stop using a teleprompter.

Pizza Ghost


第 1 季 第 2 集 2018年02月25日

7.5 (133)

Paul Feig has rhoids. Just like Joel in the pilot, Kristen Bell won't go on Donna-Dorable's show either. Joel admires the sketch artist from The Dead Files (2011) and meets the walking undead stereotype called Pizza Ghost. David Oyelowo stands up for acteurs' rights as more and more of them are being forced to go lowbrow just to plug their movies. Joel tries to explain what Australia is in 'Joel's International Corner.' Bell helps Joel explore the wonders of a vocal warmup tool known as Beltbox. Also, the show's closing theme song is very self-aware.

Dangerous Games


第 1 季 第 3 集 2018年03月04日

7.5 (113)

It's week three of Donna-Dorable's kind-of-not-really feud with Joel and, according to Billy Eichner, the gloves are off - and so are the thumbs, literally. Joel takes a look at some TV craziness from India, previews the new bite-sized Black Mirror (2011) episode, and decides to buy the incredibly anachronistic audio bible player called Wonder Bible. Paul Feig mistakes the show's mascot, the One Piece Man, for the Buttress, an actual butt-shaped pillow. The show's closing theme song cynically pays tribute to the few people who watch end credits.

Roller Coaster?


第 1 季 第 4 集 2018年03月11日

7.4 (102)

Say Yes to the Dress (2007) host seems fascinated by roller coasters. Some female vlogers are unlucky in love. 'Shopping for Shut-ins' segment covers QVC's infomercials about glittery t-shirts and handbag-shaped toasters, which inspires Eric Bana to start his own glittery clothing and 'banana bandanna' line. In 'Joel's International Corner' Joel takes a look at some weird content from Japan - a sadistic candid camera show about unsuspecting women being dropped down an elevator shaft, a Sci-Fi anime called Henkei Shoujo (2017), and the horror movie Riaru onigokko (2015). Will & Grace (1998)'s Eric McCormack helps Joel keep up with Netflix's numerous documentaries.

Coffee Is Delicious


第 1 季 第 5 集 2018年03月18日

7.2 (88)

On American Idol: The Search for a Superstar (2002), a young punk musician provokes a surprising reaction from Katy Perry. After a bar brawl in VH1 Beauty Bar (2018), a nice cup of coffee solves everything. The bully cop on Tyler Perry's soap If Loving You Is Wrong (2014) reminds Joel of Seth Green, the official Joel McHale Show bully. To get with the times, The Bachelor (2002) updates its policy on consent to an obsessive degree. Joel takes a look at Nigeria's latest Nollywood hit. Paul Feig feels the bully's rage. The show's closing theme song composer changes the lyrics once again.

The Ignored Handshake


第 1 季 第 6 集 2018年03月25日

7.2 (90)

Drew Barrymore tries to make Joel's show less snarky and more humanistic, while Timothy Olyphant comes up with some wicked puns based on his popular shows and films. Pizza Ghost returns. Lindsay Lohan becomes the spokeswoman for lawyer.com website. On a Mexican soap opera, the father admits to his family in great detail his addiction to Internet porn. This makes Adam Devine have a family meeting with Joel and Paul Feig, who turns out to be addicted to zoetrope erotica. Made in Chelsea (2011) is the most posh and British thing ever. The New Price Is Right (1972) winner fails to shake hands with the host. Will Timothy have better luck with Joel?

Thank You, Lasagna


第 1 季 第 7 集 2018年04月01日

7.2 (87)

The bunny on The Magicians (2015) is a total creep. The Maury Povich Show (1991) welcomes Lasagna. In a clip all the way from 1982, the all-male Austrian choir uses a bit too much tongue during their mesmerizing performance. Comedian Gabriel Iglesias offers his services to Joel as a part time Spanish language TV show injury attorney. The promotional Kickstarter video for a product called "Myshelf" convinces Joel to fully fund it. Inspired by a TV ad for supplements, Joel makes his own similar commercial which quickly becomes too surreal for his own good. The show's closing theme song composer gives shout outs to his friends.

Skip Joel


第 1 季 第 8 集 2018年04月08日

7.5 (82)

The Real Housewives of New York City (2008) pay a racially insensitive tribute to Diana Ross. Bill Nye uses a time machine to skip Joel and literally sully Joel's name. In Sweden, Finding Dory (2016) ends with an insult. Joel previews a new mini-episode of Black Mirror (2011) that revels in anal torture. In the segment "Future Garbage", Joel spotlights the protective cat claw weapon and actual spying glasses. A martial arts contestant on a Sri Lankan talent show severely overestimates his skills. One Piece Man and Paul Feig try out Bill's time machine with troubling results. The closing credits song changes slightly in accordance with the new timeline.

It's Working


第 1 季 第 9 集 2018年04月15日

7.8 (79)

Voyeurism is working for the drama teachers on Rise (2018). Prompted by the smells on Jersey Shore Family Vacation (2018), Nicole Byer shows Joel her own line of gross fragrances. Paul Feig makes the mistake of trying one. TV anchor drops a wicked burn while talking to Russell Crowe about his divorce auction. On a UK morning show, a woman takes off her prosthetic nose. Joel's new segment "ThatHappened" adapts improbable stories from Reedit starting with the tale of a student who stood up to his conformist teacher. The closing theme song composer investigates why Joel has a spot on his fingernail.

Here Be Dragons


第 1 季 第 10 集 2018年04月22日

7.3 (74)

One of the stars of Vanderpump Rules (2013) makes her ungraceful exit. Joel's official weatherman Joe Manganiello explains where a dog chasing a ball in the water will end up. Southern Charm (2013) talks pasta and mass murder. Paul Feig stands up for the show. On Little Big Shots (2016), Steve Harvey makes a butt joke. The segment "Murder Shows" takes a look at Killing Eve (2018)'s interest in breasts. On "Joel's International Corner", Joel covers the weird kids talent show from South America, Germany's no-nonsense version of America's Next Top Model and a nude magician on Britain's Got Talent (2007).