Bible Town 剧情介绍
"Bible Town" is essentially a compilation of Bible stories told through animation and pictures and geared toward young children. The stories are told by Jimmy, Sarah, Tammy, and their friends from Bible Town, who obviously have a passion for God's word. The stories that are told include Jesus's birth, the miracles of Jesus, Noah's ark, the baptism of Jesus, and many more. Each story is a direct reading from the scriptures (audio only), with little to no diversion or embellishment, accompanied by age-appropriate pictures. Smaller children may have a difficult time understanding biblical language or concepts from some of the stories, like "firmament" from the story of creation, or the transfiguration of Jesus. This opens up many opportunities for families to discuss the stories together, and give children an understanding of the biblical narratives. "Bible Town" could be a handy resource for devotion, bedtime, or young children's Bible study. The stories are broken up by brief interactions from the characters, so one could easily play just the Bible story they need for the moment and return to another later. Small children will likely enjoy the brightly colored pictures, while parents or teachers will appreciate the simple and straightforward content. Overall, it's great to see a film encouraging young children to get excited about the Bible. For its family-friendly, faith-based content, we are pleased to award "Bible Town" the Dove Seal of Approval for all ages.......................