• Director 詹姆斯·格雷 admitted to Empire magazine that he had to compromise with the studio on the ending of the movie to get the film green-lit and even with a major star/producer like 布拉德·皮特 on board they still struggled for years to get it made.
  • The title means "to the stars" in Latin. It is often used as a shorthand for "Per Ardua Ad Astra" (Through adversity to the stars), which is the motto of the Royal Air Force.
  • When Roy reviews the Top Secret message given to him by Colonel Pruitt, the filename is shown as 6EQUJ5. Astronomy fans will immediately recognize this as the character string representing the so-called "Wow!" signal heard by a radio telescope listening in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius in 1977.

    The real-life Wow! signal, which was similar to what might be expected from an intelligent extraterrestrial source, has never been explained - and has never been heard again.
  • According to 詹姆斯·格雷, 娜塔莎·雷昂 lives in the same building as him and invited herself to dinner while the movie was in pre production. When he explained the film he was working on she insisted on being a part of it leading to Gray offering her a brief cameo in the film.
  • At the 19:25 mark Tommy Lee Jones can be seen wearing the exact same space outfit as he did in Space Cowboys (2000). The only difference is the top two patches have been digitally altered to fit the Space Comm suits in Ad Astra.
  • Clifford McBride says that he has cataracts and has trouble seeing. Cataracts are one of the projected health problems linked to exposure to solar radiation during an extended period in space.
  • The production team behind Ad Astra contacted 理查德·布兰森's Virgin group a couple of years ago and asked if they could use their branding in the movie. The company representative agreed - "We thought it was a really fun concept and were really happy to get involved". So, McBride catches a ride on a Virgin Atlantic shuttle to the moon.
  • After Roy's debriefing he narrates his father's story as he is seen walking down a corridor decorated with NASA astronaut portraits and biographies. His father H. Clifford McBride's biography (which lists his birth date as September 25, 2031 and the Project Lima date as Dec 28, 2079) is set alongside other real NASA astronauts, which include second man on the Moon 巴兹·奥德林, Bruce McCandless II (the first astronaut to fly a Manned Maneuvering Unit), Mae C. Jemison, first female Shuttle commander 艾琳·科林斯, Winston Scott and Scott Kelly.
  • During a September 2019 interview on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," director and co-writer 詹姆斯·格雷 said that he created his own playlist for himself to listen to through his headphones as he was directing the movie. Among the works on that playlist were: electronic drones by Eliane Radigue, sitar music by 拉威·香卡, the Peer Gynt Suite by 爱德华·格里格; The Planets by 古斯塔夫·霍尔斯特, the fourth movement of "The Rothko Chapel" by Morton Feldman, music by Krzysztof Penderecki, and electromagnetic wave transmissions from outer space, including from the planet Jupiter. Gray also played some of these for the cast and crew to communicate a mood during filming.
  • In traveling from Mars to Neptune, the planets Jupiter and Saturn are mentioned, but no one ever mentions Uranus. However, since the planets are rarely lined up with respect to the Sun, they would not necessarily pass it, in particular, if these planets were on opposite sides of the Sun. Moreover, without preparation or a coincidence, it would be fairly unusual to pass Jupiter and Saturn on the way to Neptune.
  • A "Vegas Vic" neon cowboy sign can be seen in the distance of the moonbase, next to the sign for a hotel.
  • 杰米·肯尼迪's role was cut from the final film, yet he appeared in the final IMAX trailer with Brad Pitt for a split second.
  • This is the second major science fiction film to feature the planet Neptune prominently, after Event Horizon (1997).
  • The Moon to Mars craft is named Cepheus after a constellation in the northern skies which in turn is named after a king of Aethiopia in a Greek mythology. Actress 鲁丝·内伽 (Helen Lantos) was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • This is not the first space film for Liv Tyler. She was also in Armageddon (1998).
  • This is the second movie with Donald Sutherland and Liv Tyler together, the other movie is Reign Over Me (2007)
  • While shooting the climactic scene, 布拉德·皮特 ended up crying unprompted in character. But as the scene takes place in zero-g, Pitt told director 詹姆斯·格雷 that the tear should be edited in post to float like a bubble off his face, rather than run down his cheek. "You gotta replace my tear, that's not how it works in zero-gravity," Pitt reportedly said, to which Gray responded, "I'm sorry, I'm keeping it. The acting's too good, buddy."
  • During a September 2019 interview on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," director and co-writer 詹姆斯·格雷 explained that the eerie sound that plays in a loop over the opening shots of the movie was actually an altered and sped-up recording of Clifford McBride saying, "I love you, my son" repeatedly. Gray explained, "we wanted it to be almost unconscious. It almost sounds like an ultrasound for an unborn baby. It's very weird."
  • The proposed engine used by Roy's craft to reach Neptune is a theoretical electric propulsion engine. This explains how the craft is able to travel to Neptune without the need for fuel as the fuel is provided by solar arrays.


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