Suddenly (2013)



出品公司 Nasser Entertainment Group
Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC (with the participation of)
Odyssey Media
Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) (with the participation of)
发行公司 King Power Media Group (2013) (All media) (Thailand)
King Power Media Group (2013) (All media) (Vietnam)
Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment (2013) (All media) (United States)
Gravel Road Entertainment Group (2017) (All media) (South Africa)
My Movies Distribution (2015) (All media) (South Africa)
Event Film Distribution (2013) (All media) (Non-US)
Cinedigm Entertainment Group (2013) (All media) (United States)
AMG Entertainment (2014) (DVD) (Japan)
Première TV Distribution (VOD) (2013) (Video) (Netherlands)
New KSM (2013) (DVD) (Germany)
New KSM (2013) (Blu-ray/DVD) (Germany)
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