Rukhsat (1988)



  • A story that was circulating in the media that Mithun Chakraborthy refused to do a kissing scene with Anooradha Patel. Simi rejection the claim saying that Mithun knew about the kiss when the film was narrated to him. She was also upset that Mithun had stated this in interviews.
  • When the film was launched it was titled Ardhangini. Vinod Khanna had agreed to do the film but backed out because he went to join Rajneesh.
  • Simi Garewal makes her debut as director with this film. The film Rukhsat was delayed in the making, took some time to get complete The film was also shot in U.S.A. This is the only feature film Simi Garewel made.
  • The film was long in the making. It started in 1983 with a schedule abroad .
  • Cinematographer Jim Kozbial was replaced because he kept reporting to the sets drunk. He would mess up all the shots, until finally Simi had enough and replaced him.
  • Simi Garewal attempted to sign Raj Babbar and Sarika for the film. She later gave the role to Marc Zuber .
  • Smita Patil was approached for the film. She declined for unknown reasons.
  • Marc Zuber and Anooradha Patel were involved with each other during the making of the film.
  • During the making of the film director David Lean approached Marc Zuber and offered him the role of Dr. Aziz in Passage to India. Lean wanted a British Indian actor for the part. The only problem was that if Marc accepted the role it would delay Rukhsat and causes alot of financial loses. He had to let go of the role.
  • Moon Moon Sen declined the film because she did not want to do the kissing scenes.
  • Only time Mithun Chakraborthy worked with Anuradha Patel and Marc Zuber.
  • Only time Mithun Chakraborthy and Simi Grewal teamed up for a film.
  • Concept of the film was later inspired in Jeet 1996 and Amrish Puri was common actor in both films with similar role.
  • Tom Alter son Jamie related a funny story about the film. Tom and and the crew were very hungry after the films shoot. It was midnight and they were in search of a restaurant. They found a restaurant far away. Just as Tom and the men entered the restaurant, the patrons of the restaurant stared at them in complete shock. They could not stop staring at Tom and the men. Tom was the only one who spoke English. He ordered a cheeseburger for himself and veggie burgers for the few crew members with him. As he and the crew members ate, the stares from the patrons continued would not stop. Tom thought it was because he was a white guy with Indian guys eating at a restaurant at midnight. As Tom finished his meal he got up to pay, but the owner refused to take any money. Tom thanked him and left. It was later Tom realized what happen. Tom and the crew members ended up in a very rough part of town. When Tom entered the restaurant, he still had on his police uniform ! The owner was shocked to see Tom inside. The place was so dangerous that the local police never dared to step into the place. The just ignored all the illegal activities of the restaurant. When Tom came in with his uniform, they mistook him for a real cop.
  • A disco version of the Superman theme plays when Mithun arrives in America.


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