Parmatma (1978)



  • Learned Hindu Priest, Mahant, is abducted by notorious bandit Bhairo Singh, held captive and tortured until he reveals the secret of a treasure buried near his temple. Mahant refuses to divulge this secret, is beaten mercilessly until he is miraculously rescued by an escaped prisoner named Shankar. Pleased by Shankar, Mahant takes him to the temple, disguises him, and introduces him to the community as his disciple, Anand. Soon Anand wins over the minds and hearts of the simple-minded villagers and is welcomed everywhere. What Mahant does not know that Shankar is really Bhairo Singh, who had asked his junior, Zoravar Singh, to impersonate him and abduct Mahant, so that he can rescue him, gain his confidence and steal the treasure - without the Mahant suspecting anything.