Angaaray (1986)



  • After Naam, this was the second film of Salim Khan as writer to release. Rajesh Khanna had given writers Salim and Javed to work together for first time as script writers and dialog writers with Haathi Mere Saathi.After their split again Rajesh Khanna gave break to Salim Khan, when he asked director Rajesh Sethi to rework on the script he had by approaching Salim Khan. The first work Salim Khan did after his split with Javed Akhtar was Angaaray .Javed Akhtar and Yash Chopra worked together in Silsila where Javed was lyricist and in Mashaal where Javed was script writer.
  • This film was produced by brother in law of Yash Chopra - Gurdip Singh.
  • Yash Chopra's assistant Rajesh Sethi makes his debut as director with this film.
  • Smita Patil's final film released before her death.
  • Raj Babbar had a major showdown with the producer and director on the films sets. Raj Babbar even walked out of the film. It was then that B. R. Chopra stepped in and called Babbar and Rajesh Sethi to his house. He made Babbar apologize. He threatened Babbar he would remove him from Awam if he would not do so. The director Rajesh Sehi was Chopra's godson.
  • Anil Kapoor was first offered Rajesh Khanna's role. He declined it as he was becoming a busy star. This angered Farha because it was her boyfriends debut film as a director. She did not spare Anil in the media.


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