Rapman (1995)



  • Inspired by the American police series, the script originally had several scenes where the main character Joel shoots a gun. Actor 凯·莱蒂宁 refused, since he wanted to ground the action in a realistic Finnish setting.
  • One of the earlier examples of the use of sponsors and product placement in a Finnish drama series. The ratings were over 800 000 viewers.
  • In February 17, 1995 the Parliament of Finland passed a law that provided warrants for wiretapping in criminal investigations. The series (aired in May, 1995) features scenes of police wiretapping.
  • Greenpeace Finland helped to stage the anti-nuclear protest in front of the Government Palace in Helsinki, Finland.
  • The Russian company "Rock Films", owned by CEO 阿列克谢·乌奇捷利, provided help for the location shooting in St. Petersburg. Based on the producer Erkki Kivi, production assistant Boris Sterin had a special permission for filming from Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The crew was granted access to film in a real militsiya office, to stop the traffic for a few hours in front of the Grand Hotel Europe, to set a car chase with submachine guns on the streets of St. Petersburg, and crash a car through a window.


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