Raid (2003)



  • Received resistance from the social and public health care department of Finland because of its alleged advertising of tobacco and liquor (for which both are illegal to advertise in Finland). They insisted the producers to cut scenes in which brands of tobacco and liquor products were visible, even though they were both shown negatively (a smoker dying of lung cancer, a heavy drinker being ill due to alcoholism).
  • Between 1992 and 2003, Finnish crime author Harri Nykänen wrote seven books and a 12-part TV series featuring the lead character Raid before he wrote the original screenplay for the feature film (the TV series and feature film were co-written with the director Tapio Piirainen). The film takes place two years after the TV series.
  • Editor of this film, Kauko Lindfors, tells how they lightened up the atmosphere in the editing room: In the film there is one scene where Ratsumies-character farts, and that's why there was a fart-sound effect among gun-effects on their computer. Every now and then they amused themselves by adding a fart into all kind of scenes, for instance a tender love scene or action.
  • Director Tapio Piirainen says that the most difficult location during the production was Kallbådan lighthouse at Porkkala, Finland. The crew spent three days and two nights in the cramped quarters which they shared with the insects. Despite the challenging conditions it was the lighthouse where the whole crew really felt the camaraderie.
  • The lead actors Kai Lehtinen and Mari Rantasila have been known each other for a long time, since both studied at the Theatre Academy of Helsinki, also under its notorious rector Jouko Turkka. In 1989 Turkka directed the TV series "Seitsemän veljestä" where Lehtinen and Rantasila appeared together for the first time on television.


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