Duniya (1984)



  • Rishi Kapoor's only film with Dilip Kumar. The latter worked with his father Raj Kapoor in Andaz in 1949, released 35 years before Duniya.
  • After the success of Dostana, producer Yash Johar with a lot of fanfare, launched a movie tittled John Jaani Janardhan with Manmohan Desai as the director fresh from the success of Naseeb. But then the film was shelved instead Yash Johar started Duniya with a successful director Ramesh Talwar who made a good and successful film at that time Baseera.
  • The speciality of this 1984 released film is, it has Legends from the golden era like, Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Pran and Saira Banu. Saira Banu had already retired but after 10 years she did a special appereance with her husband. Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu appeared together in a film for the last time and Lata Mangeshkar sang a beatiful song for Saira, 'teri meri zindagi, pyar bhari zindagi......' then also Rishi Kapoor, Amrita Singh, Om Puri, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Prem Chopra and Amrish Puri, were also in this film, the credit goes to Yash Johar, Ramesh Talwar, Javed Akhtar, R.D.Burman and Jal Mistry for this masterpiece.
  • Salim Javed had a very bad fallout with Yash Johar after Dostana. The matter was over money. Yash even took the duo to court. When Ramesh Talwar decided to make Duniya, he made Yash Johar and Javed Akhtar patch up. This was after the Salim -Javed split. But after the film flopped, Javed told Talwar, "He was a finished man". He put the entire blame on Ramesh Talwar. But the truth was Javed harassed Ramesh thru out the making of the film. The script was given in bits and pieces . People figured out that Javed had signed Duniya and Mashaal at the same time and both films were basically the same. Javed divided one story into two films. He gave one half to Duniya and the other half to Mashaal. He kept switching scenes between both films.
  • Ramesh Talwar and Yash Johar had a very bad falling out over money after the film released. Talwar stated he was owed 1 lakh more.
  • Remake of Alexander Dumas Count of Monte Christo.
  • After about 5-6 years Saira Banoo made comeback as special appearance in this movie opposite her husband Dilip Kumar. They came together in Duniya after Bairaag. Duniya was last appearance of Saira Banoo in movies.
  • Om Puri was newcomer when he worked in this film. It the only film of On Puri who got the chance to work with Dilip Kumar.
  • Dilip Kumar and Rishi Kapoor were to work toghther in Nasir Hussein"s Zabardast . But Zabardast was shelved and after about 4 years they worked together in Duniya.
  • Ramesh Talwar told Yash Johar the film's subject was ordinary. But Yash did not want to listen. The film kept getting delayed because Javed Akhtar had to rework the script . Even after the changes were made,Ramesh Talwar disliked the story .
  • Duniya was eargely awaited film. The film was delayed for about 3 years. It started in year 1981 and was completed in 1984.
  • Om Puri stated he had no interest to do the film. He was offered the film and he refused. But the director Ramesh Talwar was stuck and asked Om to do the film as a favor. Plus he would be paid well. Om Puri finally agreed.
  • Dilip Kumar and Rishi Kapoor were to act together in film of Nasir Hussain's Zabardast which was shelved.Then after some years they worked together in Duniya and in both movies they were to play father and son.
  • Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Om Puri were newcomers when they acted in this film.
  • Ashok Kumar and Dilip Kumar last time they acted together.
  • Ashok Kumar and Dilip Kumar last time they acted together in this film.
  • There was a shelved movie, Ajanta Arts "Duniya" (1981) Starring Sanjay Dutt,Reena Roy, Directed by Sunil Dutt. It was shelved so Sunil could start Dard Ka Rishta .
  • At that time Javed Akhtar when he had singend Duniya, he had just already splited by with his friend Betaab.


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