Avinash (1986)



  • A dealer of stolen goods and a singer, Avinash finds his life turned upside down when goons break into his house, assault his fiancée, Dr. Sapna, and his brother, Sumit; kill his mother; abduct and then torture him in order to compel him to tell them about the whereabouts of a missing video film. He attempts to fight back, is shot at sea, and is believed to have perished. He does survive, but has lost his memory. Soon he will not only be chased by goons, but a woman, Nisha, will attempt to seduce him; another woman, Alka, will claim to be his wife; Rajan, a Police Inspector, will befriend him; and a terrorist, Pratap, and his goons are determined to get the video-film at any and all cost.

  • Avinash is a dancer and singer in a club.One of friends captures terrorist activities of Pratap when Pratap's man are behind him he runs away with the film.He is killed in front of Avinash and drops the film in a drum kept on the stage where Avinash was performing. Pratap believes he has handed over the film to him and tortures is brother Sumit and fiance Sapna killing his mother.Avinash is assaulted and tortured to get the film he manages to escape but gets shot in his head.Dr Anand a drunkard saves Avinash's life by removing the bullet from his head.But Avinash looses his memory.Pratap's man are still chasing him to get the film when he is saved by a mysterious women Nisha who tells him that they both loved each other.Nisha actually came into his life to get the film but dies in explosion telling him her motive.Then Alka another women enters his life and claims that he is her husband.