Avinash (1986)



  • Parveen Babi was the main heroine of this film, as she went away in 1983, the heroine part was then played by Poonam Dhiloon. Whatever scenes Parveen Babi shot for the film, her scenes were retained in this film, Avinash. This film was Parveen Babi's one of her last release. Parveen Babi had signed 2 major films with the Ramsay Brothers, Telephone & Avinash.
  • This film had delayed, the shooting started in the year 1981/82.
  • The song "Tere Jo Khushi" was sampled from Michael Jackson's " Beat It".
  • Praveen Babi voice is dubbed in the film by a dubbing artiste.
  • The film was delayed for sometime as Parveen Babi then leading lady of the film suffered nervous breakdown and couldn't complete the film.
  • Parveen Babi was the leading lady of the film.In 1983 she left the country and her film career.This film wasn't completed .Poonam Dhillon character was then added to play the lead role.Parveen Babi's shot portions were retained in the film her character was then shown dying in the film.
  • The scene where Parveen Babi dies is shot buy a body double .Her death scene is shown that she dies due to explosion and her face is burnt.During the scene the face of body double is completely covered except her jaw to avoid being recognized this was done to put an end to her character in the film.As she couldn't complete the film further.
  • Sulbha Arya was then a lesser known actress and had played mother for the first time.
  • Last hit film of which Bindiya Goswami was a part probably her last notable film.Two film released after this Mera Yaar Mera Dushman and Vishal in 1987 were delayed since long.
  • Tinnu Verma burnt his face performing a stunt scene. He had to be hospitalized.
  • Anil Kapoor was offered the film Avinash in 1983. He declined the film because he did not want to do a small second lead role. The role was eventually done by Anil Dhawan.
  • Umesh Mehra stated that he had to change the film's script due to Parveen Babi's disappearance.
  • This film suffered because of the delay. If completed on time, it would be one of the best movie.
  • Only one song in this film was sung by Kishore Kumar, the remaining songs were sung by Bappi Lahiri himself.
  • One of the 7 famous Ramsay Brothers Keshu Ramsay,was trying to make non horror films, like Khoj, Avinash, Ashant, Mera Shikar, Khakhee and also The Khiladi series.
  • Despite being delayed for 3 years, This film proved to be blockbuster and also among the successful movies of Mithun in 1986.


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