Raj Hath

Raj Hath (1956)



  • A stubborn emperor plans to wage war against another who had humiliated him and his daughter.

  • Maharaja Daljit of Jagmere is displeased after his envoy, Rana Sangram Singh, is humiliated by Maharaj Baktawar of Satnapur who rejects the marriage proposal of the former's daughter with his son. Enraged, he instructs everyone in his region to stop all celebrations and prepare for war, while Baktawar is certain that victory is within reach as no one can penetrate the labyrinth that surrounds his kingdom. Then the Rajkumari herself dons the guise of a dancer/singer, manages to find her way around the labyrinth and returns home with the map. Daljit prepares to seek the blessings of Bhagwan Shri Shankar and plans to attack Satnapur after a week on a Tuesday - little knowing that nothing is going to go his way.