Pamela Sue Martin


Pamela Sue Martin attended public schools in Westport, Connecticut and graduated from Staples High School in February 1971. Before she graduated, Pamela was working in a hamburger stand for $1.45 per hour when a friend told her that she was earning $60 per hour modeling in New York. Liking the wages and being of an ambitious nature, Pamela Sue decided to emulate her friend and soon was earning a good living as a teenage model for print ads and television commercials. Although she was completely innocent of dramatic training, experience or even ambitions, when Pamela Sue heard that Columbia Pictures was auditioning girls for a film called 寻人 (1972), she decided to try. It took the producers three months to make up their minds, but in the end Pamela Sue had the female starring role. Pamela returned to Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut to finish high school. On the basis of her performance in 寻人 (1972), producer 伊尔温·艾伦 cast her to co-star with five Academy Award winners in 波塞冬历险 (1972). Then came a starring role in the ABC Movie of the Week 亨廷顿家的女孩 (1973) and a co-starring role with Jan-Michael Vincent in 冲动年华 (1974). She is particularly proud of her portrayal in the production, The Hemingway Play (1976). She has played the character Celia Grey in the television movie, 烈药 (1987) and has hosted "Saturday Night Live." Pamela enjoys athletic pursuits, especially scuba diving, tennis and skiing.



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  • Martin took time out of her senior year in high school to play the lead role in the film 寻人 (1972).
  • Attended and graduated from Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut in 1970.
  • Has appeared on many magazine covers including TV Guide (February 27 - March 5 issue), US Magazine (September 14, 1982), Ingenue (March 1972 issue), New Woman Magazine (April 1984 issue), and Dawn Magazine (September 1977 issue).
  • Has allied herself with several environmental groups, including Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. Is also the National Spokesperson for the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown, California and has campaigned for the preservation of the Wild Mustang in America.
  • Her parents Thomas and Margaret Martin were divorced in 1974 and have since both remarried.
  • Is the national spokesperson for Nourkrin, an all-natural, marine protein based supplement which helps promote hair growth and reduce thinning hair.
  • Is divorced three times with a son and currently living in Idaho where she owns a theatre company.


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