Tony Hadley


Tony Hadley was born in Islington on 2nd June 1960. He went to school with his future bandmates Gary Kemp, John Keeble, Steve Norman, Richard Miller and Martin Kemp. In 1978 the Makers where formed. Hadley became the lead singer of that group. When Richard Miller left on bass he was replaced by Martin Kemp. Then in 1979 the Makers were renamed Spandau Ballet. Spandau Ballet achieved major success in the 1980's with hits such as To Cut A Long Story Short (1980), Chant No.1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) (1981), True (1983), Only When You Leave (1984) and Through The Barricades (1986). The band were together until 1990, when each member pursued acting careers and other musical directions. In 1992 Tony Hadley signed a solo deal, but unfortunately would never live up to the success he had achieved with Spandau in the '80's. In 1999 Tony, John Keeble and Steve Norman lost a £1,000,000 royalty battle with Gary Kemp. For many years Tony did not speak to Gary, but by 2008 they had made up their differences, and then in 2009 Spandau Ballet finally reformed, and went on a world tour.



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  • He has three children with his ex-wife, Leonie Lawson: Sons, Thomas Hadley (born 1989) and MacKenzie Hadley (born 1992), and daughter, Toni Hadley (born 1996). He has a daughter, Zara Katie Hadley (born December 21, 2006), with his wife, Alison.
  • Hadley's band, Spandau Ballet, had one UK number one single, 'True', which topped the chart for four weeks in 1983.
  • He was a member of Band Aid (1984).
  • He considers "Through the Barricades" to be Spandau Ballet's best song.
  • In November 2007, he was working as a DJ on the UK's Virgin Radio, playing from 7pm to 10pm on a Friday night for the UK's Party Classics show.
  • He is an active and devoted supporter of the Conservative Party.
  • He was educated at Dame Alice Owen's grammar school.
  • In July 2017, he announced he was no longer a member of Spandau Ballet but declined to go into details.


  • Powerful, smooth and soulful voice