汤姆·汉克斯 Tom Hanks

1956-07-09 , 康科德,加利福尼亚州,美国
导演  演员  编剧  
Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
丽塔·威尔逊 (30 April  1988- present) (2 children)Samantha Lewes (1978-01-24/1987-03-19) (divorced) (2 children)





▪ 2020   最佳男配角 《邻里美好的一天》 (获奖)

▪ 2001   最佳男主角 《荒岛余生》 (获奖)

▪ 1999   最佳男主角 《拯救大兵瑞恩》 (获奖)

▪ 1995   最佳男主角 《阿甘正传》 (获奖)

▪ 1994   最佳男主角 《费城故事》 (获奖)

▪ 1989   最佳男主角 《长大》 (获奖)








  • Is a frequent guest host on Saturday Night Live (1975). One of his best-known characters on said show, "Mr. Short-Term Memory", is named after him: Hanks uses his real-life middle name, Jeffrey, as the character (Jeff Morrow)'s first name.
                     Received the Distinguished Public Service Award, the United States Navy's highest civilian honor, on Veterans Day 1999 for his work in the epic 拯救大兵瑞恩 (1998).
                     Entertainment Weekly chose him as the only actor worthy of $20 million.
                     Dislocated his shoulder when he fell through a rotting floor in a building in Germany while scouting locations with 史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格 for the HBO series Band of Brothers (2001) (1999).
                     Second actor to win back-to-back Best Actor Oscars, for his work in 费城故事 (1993) and 阿甘正传 (1994). The first was 斯宾塞·屈塞, for 怒海余生 (1937) and 孤儿乐园 (1938).
                     Ranked #17 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list (October 1997).
                     Attended Skyline High School in Oakland, California.
                     Attended Chabot College in Hayward, California.
                     Attended California State University, Sacramento.
                     Voted best actor by the readers of Us magazine (1995).
                     Younger brother of Sandra Hanks and Larry Hanks and older brother of 吉姆·汉克斯.
                     After a one-shot guest appearance on Happy Days (1974), producer 朗·霍华德 asked him to read for a secondary role in 美人鱼 (1984), and he got the lead role instead.
                     Married his first wife Samantha Lewes (real name: Susan Dillingham) two months after their son Colin's birth.
                     Hanks cited the help of a nearby ice cream shop which helped him gain 30 pounds for his role in 红粉联盟 (1992).
                     Received emergency treatment for serious staph infection in leg after returning from overseas location shoot (1999).
                     Was asked to play the title role in 甜心先生 (1996), which eventually went to 汤姆·克鲁斯.
                     His Oscar acceptance speech for 费城故事 (1993) led to the plot of the movie 新郎向后跑 (1997). Hanks thanked a gay teacher in his speech.
                     Has another brother who is a professor at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.
                     Received American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award, presented by fellow Oscar winner 史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格, the youngest ever to receive that award (12 June 2002).
                     Returned to his old high school, Skyline High School in Oakland, California, to dedicate a renovated theater named for Rawley T. Farnsworth, the retired drama teacher he thanked in his 费城故事 (1993) Oscar speech. Oakland Tribune reports Hanks donated about 1/4 of the $465,000 cost of the project. Then he led the audience of some 1000 people in a chorus of "There's No Business Like Show Business" (6 March 2002).
                     Is a member of the International Thespian Society (a group supporting theatre for high school students internationally).
                     吉姆·洛威尔, who Hanks played in 阿波罗13号 (1995), is actually left-handed, but Hanks refused to write with his left hand for the movie.
                     He is a third cousin, four times removed, of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Their common ancestors were John Hanks (1680 - 1740) and his wife, Catherine, who were the great-great-grandparents of Lincoln, and the six times great-grandparents of Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is also a seventh cousin, once removed, of actor 乔治·克鲁尼 (Catherine and John Hanks were the seven times great-grandparents of Clooney).
                     Ranked #13 in Premiere magazine's 2003 annual Power 100 List. Had ranked #15 in 2002.
                     Is a diehard fan of the Cleveland Indians baseball team.
                     Ranked #1 on Star TV's Top Ten Box Office stars of the 1990s (2003)
                     Lost 30 pounds for his role as Andrew Beckett in 费城故事 (1993).
                     He gained weight for and later lost 55 pounds playing Chuck Noland in 荒岛余生 (2000).
                     Is a fan of English Premier League soccer team Aston Villa and was presented with a shirt on a TV show with the print 'Hanks 1' on the back.
                     Has been referred to by many as "the modern 詹姆斯·斯图尔特".
                     Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith, pg. 205-206. New York: Facts on File, 1992.  ISBN 0816023387
                     His heroic Oscar-winning gay character Andrew Beckett in the 1993 film 费城故事 (1993) was ranked #49 on the Amerian Film Institute's heroes list of the 100 years of The Greatest Screen Heroes and Villians.
                     He was voted the 26th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
                     His three favourite bands/artists are 埃尔维斯·普雷斯利, Patrick Rondat and Alabama Thunderpussy.
                     His first wife Samantha Lewes died of cancer 14 years after their divorce.
                     Had made five films with director 史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格, four of which are tied to Europe. 拯救大兵瑞恩 (1998) revolved around his character and his infantry unit seeking out a missing private in Europe during WW II. 猫鼠游戏 (2002) involved his character tracking down 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 in France; in 幸福终点站 (2004), his character was from the fictional eastern European country of Krakohzia, and 间谍之桥 (2015) was a Cold War thriller where his character had to go to Berlin, Germany.
                     Shortly before the release of Columbia Pictures' Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), he was one of several actors speaking out against the use of "synthespians" (computer-generated actors) in the place of flesh-and-blood humans. Nevertheless, he took the lead role in the computer-animated film The Polar Express (2004), a film highly-publicized for its use of new (and expensive) technique of digital actors.
                     Between 1994 and 2004, he was the performer nominated for the most Academy Awards (four times, along with 西恩·潘, 梅丽尔·斯特里普, 朱迪·丹奇 and 艾德·哈里斯) and won the most (twice).
                     Was considered for the role of Peter Banning (Peter Pan) in Hook (1991), which went to 罗宾·威廉姆斯.
                     Was listed as a potential nominee on both the 2005 and 2007 Razzie Award nominating ballots. He was suggested in the Worst Actor category on the 2005 ballot for his roles in the films The Polar Express (2004) (referred to as "Bi-Polar Express" on the ballot), 老妇杀手 (2004) and 幸福终点站 (2004). He was suggested again in the Worst Actor category two years later, for his performance in The Da Vinci Code (2006). He failed to receive either nomination.
                     Has been good friends with 布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀 since his youth.
                     He once worked as a hotel bellman. Some of the celebrity guests whose bags he carried were 雪儿, 西德尼·波蒂埃, Slappy White and Bill Withers.
                     Premiere magazine ranked him as #28 on a list of the Greatest Movie Stars of All Time in their Stars in Our Constellation feature (2005).
                     He is an environmental conservationist and often advocates and supports natural causes.
                     In three of his movies, he has a scene where he is stranded at sea: 美人鱼 (1984), 魔岛仙踪 (1990), and 荒岛余生 (2000).
                     Has worked with two actors who played 霍华德·休斯. In 费城故事 (1993), he worked with 杰森·罗巴兹, who played Hughes in 天外横财 (1980) for director 乔纳森·戴米. His cast mate in 猫鼠游戏 (2002) was 莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥, who played Hughes in 飞行家 (2004) for 马丁·斯科塞斯.
                     He and his good friend 梅格·瑞恩 have been co-stars in three movies as love interests: 西雅图未眠夜 (1993), 魔岛仙踪 (1990) and 电子情书 (1998).
                     Shares his birthday with Jack White, David O'Hara, 科特妮·洛芙, 克里斯·库珀, O.J. Simpson and Donald Rumsfeld.
                     On his father's side, Tom is of English, and some German, ancestry. Two of his paternal great-grandparents were English immigrants. Tom's maternal grandparents were both of Portuguese descent (from the Azores Islands). Tom's maternal great-grandfather had changed his surname from "Fraga" to "Frager".
                     Born to Amos Mefford Hanks, a chef, and his wife Janet Marylyn Frager, a hospital worker, his parents divorced in 1960.
                     Is a member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) (Actors Branch) since 2001.
                     Related to 比尔·考斯比's wife Camille O. Cosby (née Camille Olivia Hanks), as both share a biological lineage to Abraham Lincoln through Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks.
                     Stepson of the former Frances Wong, whom his father married in 1965.
                     Sold popcorn and peanuts as a teenager at the Oakland Coliseum.
                     His performance as Josh Baskin in 长大 (1988) is ranked #15 on Premiere magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time (2006).
                     His performance as Chuck Noland in 荒岛余生 (2000) is ranked #46 on Premiere magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time (2006).
                     His top five all-time favorite films are 2001太空漫游 2001 (1968), 教父 (1972), 冰血暴 (1996), 大象 (2003) and 不羁夜 (1997), with 斯坦利·库布里克's film holding the top ranking.
                     His performance as Forrest Gump in 阿甘正传 (1994) is ranked #43 on Premiere magazine's 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.
                     Is the third most-represented actor (behind 西德尼·波蒂埃 and 加里·库珀) on the American Film Institute's 100 Most Inspiring Movies of All Time, with four of his films making the list. They are: 阿甘正传 (1994) at #37, 费城故事 (1993) at #20, 阿波罗13号 (1995) at #12, and 拯救大兵瑞恩 (1998) at #10.
                     Ranked #16 on Premiere magazine's 2006 "Power 50" list. Had ranked #16 in 2005 as well.
                     Biography/bibliography in: "Contemporary Authors". Volume 244, pages 199-202. Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson Gale, 2006.
                     He once shared a record (with 汤姆·克鲁斯 and 威尔·史密斯) as the actor to star in the most consecutive $100 million-grossing movies (7). As of 2008, Smith holds the record alone with 8 movies.
                     Frequently works with director 史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格, and is related to Nancy Hanks, the mother of Abraham Lincoln. He was not involved in Spielberg's film about Lincoln, despite his frequent involvement in historical projects.
                     Forbes magazine estimated his 1999 earnings at $71.5 million.
                     Cited as America's Favorite Movie Star in Harris Polls conducted in 2002, 2004, 2005, a record number of times as the #1 favorite. 哈里森·福特 and 克林特·伊斯特伍德 are the only other actors to have achieved that feat.
                     Was a member of Monty Python for one night only, filling in for 约翰·克立斯, at A Concert For George.
                     Married 丽塔·威尔逊 at Saint Sophia's Church, after converting to Eastern Orthodox Christianity.
                     Was in attendance at 戴安娜王妃's funeral along with 史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格, 汤姆·克鲁斯, 妮可·基德曼, among others.
                     Auditioned for the role of Joel Goodson in 乖仔也疯狂 (1983), which eventually went to 汤姆·克鲁斯.
                     Has also credited 乔·斯帕诺, former co-star of the television series Hill Street Blues (1981), as being another of his most important early inspirations.
                     Favorite baseball team is the Cleveland Indians. He purchased a stone in the front of Jacobs Field when it was built.
                     In 2007, Forbes magazine reported that his earnings were estimated to be $74 million the previous year.
                     The asteroid "12818 tomhanks" was named after him.
                     Enjoys collecting typewriters, purchasing over 80 of them around the globe. His interest in them generated an idea for an iPad application that he developed called Hanx Writer, that simulates antique typewriters sound and feel. It was very successful and made it to to top list on Appstore in August 2014.
                     Publicly endorsed Senator 巴拉克·奥巴马 in the 2008 presidential election.
                     Is a diehard fan of the Oakland Raiders. Featured in the documentary Rebels of Oakland: The A's, the Raiders, the '70s (2003).
                     Is a huge fan of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), and has expressed desire to one day guest star on the series.
                     Is a huge fan of Doctor Who (1963).
                     Was originally cast in the dual role of Charlie Kaufman/Donald Kaufman in 改编剧本 (2002), but later dropped out. 尼古拉斯·凯奇, who went on to receive a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his performance, was cast instead.
                     When he appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (2009), Conan's last NBC show in L.A. (Jan. 22, 2010), the Tonight Show Band played The Beatles' "Lovely Rita" as Hanks made his entry, undoubtedly a nod to the lovely 丽塔·威尔逊, Tom's beloved wife.
                     Lives in Pacific Palisades, Malibu, California and Ketchum, Idaho.
                     Both Tom Hanks and his son, 科林·汉克斯, have been "Not My Job" quiz contestants on the National Public Radio show, "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!". Both won the quiz.
                     Has often done films which (comically) use urinating/using the bathroom as a plot device (e.g. 绿里奇迹 (1999), 阿波罗13号 (1995), 阿甘正传 (1994), 红粉联盟 (1992) and 法网 (1987)).
                     Has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes on October 7, 2013.
                     Became a father for the first time at age 21 when his girlfriend [now ex-wife] Samantha Lewes gave birth to their son 科林·汉克斯 on November 24, 1977.
                     Became a father for the second time at age 25 when his first [now ex] wife Samantha Lewes gave birth to their daughter 伊丽莎白·汉克斯 on May 17, 1982.
                     Became a father for the third time at age 34 when his second wife 丽塔·威尔逊 gave birth to their son 切特·汉克斯 on August 4, 1990.
                     Became a father for the fourth time at age 39 when his second wife 丽塔·威尔逊 gave birth to their son Truman Theodore Hanks on December 26, 1995.
                     Became a grandfather for the first time at age 54 when his granddaughter Olivia Jane Hanks, via son 科林·汉克斯, was born on February 1, 2011.
                     Became a grandfather for the second time at age 56 when his granddaughter Charlotte Bryant Hanks, via son 科林·汉克斯, was born on July 1, 2013.
                     New York City: Opens on Broadway in "Lucky Man", the last play written by his friend and frequent director, the late 诺拉·艾芙隆. This was also be Hanks's first-ever appearance in a stage production since he was in junior college, and he co-starred with another old friend, his old Bosom Buddies (1980) co-star, 彼得·斯科拉里. [February 2013]
                     Some of his movies use comedic scenes of his character urinating: 金钱陷阱 (1986), 红粉联盟 (1992), 阿甘正传 (1994), 阿波罗13号 (1995) and 绿里奇迹 (1999).
                     Hanks, 莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥, 蒂尔达·斯文顿, 玛丽昂·歌迪亚, 艾玛·汤普森, 丹尼尔·布鲁尔, 杰克·吉伦哈尔 and 艾米·亚当斯 are the only actors to receive a Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA and Critics' Choice Award nomination for the same performance and then fail to be Oscar-nominated for it: for their performances in Captain Phillips (2013), 无间道风云 (2006), We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011), Rust and Bone (2012), 大梦想家 (2013),极速风流 (2013),Nightcrawler (2014) and 降临 (2016), respectively.
                     As of 2018, has appeared in 9 films that were Oscar nominated as Best Picture: 阿甘正传 (1994), 阿波罗13号 (1995), 拯救大兵瑞恩 (1998), 绿里奇迹 (1999), 玩具总动员3 (2010), 特别响,非常近 (2011), Captain Phillips (2013), 间谍之桥 (2015) and 华盛顿邮报 (2017). Of those, 阿甘正传 (1994) is a winner in the category.
                     Has played a captain in five different movies: 阿甘正传 (1994), 阿波罗13号 (1995), 拯救大兵瑞恩 (1998), Captain Phillips (2013) and 萨利机长 (2016).
                     A recipient of the 2014 Kennedy Center Honors. Other recipients this year were Al Green, Patricia McBride, 斯汀, and 莉莉·汤姆林.
                     Nine actors received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for their work in a movie starring Hanks: 加里·西尼斯 in 阿甘正传 (1994), 艾德·哈里斯 in 阿波罗13号 (1995), 迈克·克拉克 in 绿里奇迹 (1999), 保罗·纽曼 in 毁灭之路 (2002), 克里斯托弗·沃肯 in 猫鼠游戏 (2002), 菲利普·塞默 in 查理·威尔森的战争 (2007), 马克斯·冯 in 特别响,非常近 (2011), 巴克德·阿巴蒂 in Captain Phillips (2013) and Mark Rylance in 间谍之桥 (2015). Out of all these movies, Hanks was only nominated (and won) for 'Forrest Gump'.
                     Is a huge fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969). That's the reason he agreed upon playing one of the Canadian Mounties in the Lumberjack song during Concert for George (2003).
                     Tom Hanks was, respectively, 38 and 39 when he won his back-to-back Best Actor Oscars in 1994 and 1995, exactly like 斯宾塞·屈塞 when he won in 1938 and 1939.
                     Hanks designated 2001太空漫游 2001 (1968) as his favorite film for an AFI poll.
                     His daughter 伊丽莎白·汉克斯 appears in the movie, 阿甘正传 (1994), as the girl on the school bus who refuses to let young Forrest Gump (迈克尔·康纳) sit next to her.
                     In 2015, Tom Hanks started using his official Twitter feed in part to post photos and locations of lost items (such as gloves, shoes, socks, etc.) that he saw on the streets of New York. In at least one case, this resulted in the lost property being returned to its owner--in October 2015, he found the Fordham College ID for a woman named Lauren, and she retrieved it from his office.
                     Has worked with nine directors who have won a Best Director Oscar: 朗·霍华德, 乔纳森·戴米, 罗伯特·泽米吉斯, 史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格, 萨姆·门德斯, 乔尔·科恩 and 伊桑·科恩, 迈克·尼科尔斯 and 克林特·伊斯特伍德.
                     After his parents Amos and Janet divorced in 1960, siblings Tom, Larry and Sarah went to live with their father, staying in 10 different homes in 5 years, while younger brother Jim remained with their mother.
                     Has portrayed seven real-life people in his films: 吉姆·洛威尔 in 阿波罗13号 (1995), Charlie Wilson in 查理·威尔森的战争 (2007), Captain 理查德·菲利普 in Captain Phillips (2013), 华特·迪士尼 in 大梦想家 (2013), James B. Donovan in 间谍之桥 (2015), Captain 'Chesley Sullenberger' in 萨利机长 (2016) and Ben Bradlee in 华盛顿邮报 (2017).
                     挡不住的奇迹 (1996) is the only film to feature Tom, wife 丽塔·威尔逊, son 科林·汉克斯 and daughter 伊丽莎白·汉克斯.
                     He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award, by President 巴拉克·奥巴马, in a live televised ceremony held in the East Room of the White House, on November 22, 2016, along with twenty other recipients, the the largest, and final Medal of Freedom ceremony of Obama's presidency. At this ceremony, the twenty-one recipients, in alphabetical order, included: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Elouise Cobell (posthumous award given to her son), 艾伦·德杰尼勒斯, 罗伯特·德尼罗, Richard Garwin, 比尔·盖茨, Melinda Gates, Frank Gehry, 玛格丽特·哈米尔顿 (as Margaret H. Hamilton), 汤姆·汉克斯, Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (posthumous award given to her niece), 迈克尔·乔丹, 林璎, 洛恩·迈克尔斯, Newton Minow, Eduardo Padron (as Eduardo Padrón), 罗伯特·雷德福, 黛安娜·罗斯, Vin Scully, 布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀 and 西西莉·泰森.
                     His company Playtone Entertainment is named after the fictional Playtone Records in the movie 挡不住的奇迹 (1996).
                     He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on June 1, 1992.
                     Ranked third highest grossing actor of all time with all of his films grossing 4.3 billion dollars in the United States [2016].
                     Jokingly sent the White House press corps a new espresso machine with a note that read "Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, especially for the Truth part.". [March 2017]
                     In an interview with NPR, Hanks reflected on his first Oscar nomination for 长大 (1988). He claimed that up until that time, he never considered himself an actor, per se, but rather a comical performer who appeared in movies. He said he took that nomination as validation from others that maybe he actually knew what he was doing. He further said that because of that movie, he began making a conscious decision to take more serious roles, and that he sort of attributes much of the success of the second half of his career to that one event.
                     Bought the film rights to a true crime story, outbidding other studios by paying $1 million for A Cold Case, about a detective's quest to solve the 1970 murder of a New York restaurant owner. As well as producing it, he's also interested in taking the lead role.
                     Friends with 朱莉娅·罗伯茨, 史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格, 朗·霍华德, 丹泽尔·华盛顿, and 弗兰西斯·麦克多蒙德.
                     Though known for his on-screen charisma and versatility, Tom admits he was a "horribly, painfully, terribly shy" kid.
                     He often meets children in random places such as elevators who don't understand how he is "Woody" from Toy Story, but he makes them close their eyes so he can perform the voice, to their enjoyment.
                     Is distantly related to 比尔·考斯比's wife Camille Cosby, they are related by way of Abraham Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks.
                     In both of the movies for which he won his Best Actor Oscars his character's mothers were played by previous Best Actress Oscar winners; 乔安娜·伍德沃德 in 费城故事 (1993), who won in 1958 for 三面夏娃 (1957), and 莎莉·菲尔德 in 阿甘正传 (1994), who won in 1980 for 诺玛·蕾 (1979) and in 1985 for 我心深处 (1984).
                     Son of Amos (1924-1992) and Janet (née Frager) Hanks (1932-2016). Both were born and raised in the state of California.
                     Paternal grandson of Ernest Buel Hanks (1890-1935) and Gladys Hilda Ball (1888-1965). Maternal grandson of Clarence (1903-1945) and Elexio (née Rose) Frager (1907-1955). His maternal grandparents were born and raised in the state of California, both of them of Portuguese ancestry.
                     Maternal great-grandson of Manuel (1872-1933) and Mary (née Enos) Frager (1878-1930). Both were born and raised in the state of California.
                     In 玩具总动员 (1995), his co-star, Buzz Lightyear was an astronaut. Hanks himself had played an astronaut in 阿波罗13号 (1995).
                     His father's paternal grandmother was daughter of Jacob M. Mefford (b. Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky, July 10, 1829, d. Shelby County, Missouri, August 7, 1921) and wife (m. Owen County, Kentucky, June 1852) Sarah F. Critchlow, paternal granddaughter of John Mefford (b. 1798) and wife Mary Parker and maternal granddaughter of Johnson R. Critchlow (b. Kentucky, 1807) and wife Rebecca Stafford.
                     His father's paternal grandfather was son of Thomas Hanks (b. Kentucky, May 15, 1819, d. Missouri, aft. 1880) and wife Rachel Rayburn Cull (b. Kentucky, May 27, 1817) and paternal grandson of Thomas Hanks (b. Richmond County, Virginia, March 11, 1791, d. Carroll County, Kentucky, January 20, 1882) and wife (m. December 22, 1812) Sarah Tandy (b. Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, June 23, 1791, d. Carroll County, Kentucky, February 11, 1862).
                     He has appeared in four films that have been selected for the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant: 红粉联盟 (1992), 阿甘正传 (1994), 玩具总动员 (1995) and 拯救大兵瑞恩 (1998).
                     Distant cousin of 华特·迪士尼, who he portrayed in 大梦想家 (2013).
                     According to the family genealogy website Ancestry, Tom and 弗雷德·罗杰斯 are sixth cousins and share the same great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Johannes Mefford.



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