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Janet Waldo provided the quintessential voice of the swooning, overly dramatic teenager for numerous generations -- from the 1940s swinging babysitters to the 1960s groovy chick. A bouncy, perennially-youthful brunette, she was born in Grandview, Washington, and began entertaining in church plays as a youth. Urged on by her singer mother, she studied at the University of Washington and performed in plays. She was discovered by none other than Paramount star 平·克劳斯贝, when he and his talent scouts conducted a contest and invited her to try out for it, which she won. Crosby next invited Janet (accompanied by her mother) to California and the rest is history.

Janet met a Paramount talent scout that signed her up for small roles in movies, including the Crosby films, 棠棣歌声 (1938) and The Star Maker (1939). Unable to completely break out of her bit-part cycle as assorted hat-check girls, receptionists, and telephone operators, she did manage a few co-starring roles in such 提姆·霍尔特 westerns, such as The Bandit Trail (1941) and Land of the Open Range (1942) before setting her career sights on radio in 1943. It was Crosby himself who introduced her to radio and she fell in love with the medium and its possibilities. As the eternal teen in "Meet Corliss Archer", her voice became a household sound and it was obvious that. her vocal talents would become her biggest moneymaker. She also performed on radio's "One Man's Family", "The Gallant Heart", and "Star Playhouse". She played the cigarette girl on both 雷德·斯克尔顿 and Art Linkletter's programs, and teenager Emmy Lou on 奥齐·纳尔逊 on both his radio and TV shows. In 1952, she filmed one classic I Love Lucy (1951) episode, I Love Lucy: The Young Fans (1952) playing an extremely lovesick teenaged girl, who fell for Ricky Ricardo, although she was past 30 at the time.

In 1948 Janet married writer-director-producer 罗伯特 of "Inherit the Wind" and "Auntie Mame" fame. She curtailed her career activities sharply for some time in order to raise her two children. She even turned down the opportunity to return to her popular role of Corliss Archer when the radio series was revamped for TV in 1951, and Lugene Sanders from the "Life of Riley" series took on the part instead. After sporadic appearances on stage, Janet established herself as one of the top female voice artists in the early 1960s when she gave vocal life to hip high schooler Judy Jetson in the prime-time Hanna-Barbera cartoon series The Jetsons (1962), a role that she would go on to play well past the age of 70. Her vocal range led her to become a Hanna-Barbera staple for over three decades, providing hundreds and hundreds of voices, old and young, to both Saturday morning and feature film cartoons. Some of her better known characters include Granny Sweet, Penelope Pitstop, Superman's Lana Lang, the Addams Family's Morticia Addams, the title role in 猫女乐队 (1970) and Princess on Sandy Frank's Battle of the Planets (1978).

She was a member of the California Artists Radio Theatre (CART) and performed frequently on the smaller L.A. stages over the years. The woman with a thousand voices continued doing radio shows and commercial voice-overs (Electrosol), and making personal appearances. She also wrote a personal biography.

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Janet Waldo and her husband, 罗伯特, had two children -- one son and one daughter. Recorded 杰克逊 (1990) as the voice of Judy Jetson but was then replaced by 提芬妮 by studio executives to attract a younger crowd. In one memorable 1952 episode of I Love Lucy (1951), Waldo guest-starred as schoolgirl Peggy Dawson who is infatuated with Ricky Ricardo, while Dawson's steady boyfriend Arthur Morton (理查德·克里纳) makes counter moves on Lucy. The joke of it all was that the ever youthful-looking Waldo was only seven and a half years younger than 露西尔·鲍尔, when she played Peggy. Waldo, who also played "Katy, the Maid" in the 50th Anniversary Reunion Performance of "Lucy's First Sitcom", first appeared with Ball on a late episode of Ball's radio series, My Favorite Husband". That part led to her guest spot as Peggy Dawson. In 1961, when I Love Lucy was re-tooled into The Lucy Show (1962), she guest starred during the first season, playing Lucy's younger sister. Her father, a railroad executive, was a descendant of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Her elder sister, Elisabeth Waldo, is a virtuoso violinist, composer, conductor, songwriter and producer. Won a special performing award while attending the University of Washington. The award was presented to her by former alumnus 平·克劳斯贝 Until her death in 2016, she was the last surviving major cast member of The Jetsons (1962). In 2007, Janet Waldo spent several weeks in New York for the limited engagement most recent revival on Broadway of her late husband (罗伯特)'s dramatic play, "Inherit the Wind". Voiced Joanne Allen on the popular family-oriented radio show "Adventures in Odyssey," produced by Focus on the Family. Joanne's husband, Jack, was voiced by 艾伦·扬 of "Mister Ed (1958)" fame, who was also her co-star on Battle of the Planets (1978). [January 2008]
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